credit: @diningwithdevyn

December 12

Apple Puff Pastry

These puffy apple pastries make the PERFECT Christmas morning breakfast and taste amazing thanks to our fragrant & fresh @convivial_spice Dessert Blend! Read more
Roasted potatoes Incredibly easy to make and packed full of flavor.

December 12

Roasted Potatoes

These incredibly easy to make roasted potatoes are packed full of flavor thanks to the Sizzle & Savory_0%Salt blends. Read more

November 1

Butternut and Sage Orecchiette

This simple to make recipe features the mild and nutty flavor of butternut squash along with the fresh herb flavor of Convivial’s Savory blend. This quick vegetarian dish will satisfy even the Read more

October 30

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Our favorite by-product of pumpkin carving is roasted pumpkin seeds with Convivial’s signature spice blends. The recipe is super easy. Clean the seeds, roast them, toss with your favorite spi Read more

September 25

Vegan Chickpea Sumac Salad

This simple vegan salad recipe comes together in a matter of minutes, requires no cooking, and is packed with protein & nutrients. Using Convivial’s SweetSpicy blend and single origin S Read more
End of Summer Salad

September 18

End of Summer Spicy Salad

Inspired by the amazing varieties of produce that peak at the end of the summer. Use fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and fresh ginger from local farmer to make this salad even better.   Read more

May 11

No Mayo Cole Slaw

This healthier alternative to traditional restaurant style mayonnaise based coleslaw is really simple to make and much less soggy the next day.  As a side salad or a sandwich topper, this no-mayo ver Read more

May 11

Tomato, Cucumber and Barley Salad

This fresh summer salad reminds us of a mediterranean tabbouleh salad. The savory herbs and garlic compliment the freshness of the tomatoes and cucumbers. We let the onions marinade in the dressing to Read more

May 11

Nashville Hot Chicken

Seems like our social feeds are stacked with stories about Hot Nashville Fried Chicken. The LA turf wars between Howlin Ray’s and Gus’s is heating up everyday. From Pulitzer Prize winning Read more

February 2

SweetSpicy Pork Ribs

Sometimes you don’t have the ability to light up the smoker and slow smoke your pork ribs. This recipe for oven baked pork ribs is simple convenient and delicious. The key creating the nice char Read more

January 30

Crabless Crabcakes

Hearts of palm shreds into a crablike texture to form the meat of this vegetarian entree. We hacked the Oldbay flavor profile by using a ratio of 3:2 SweetSpicy to Savory_0%Salt. The deep paprika flav Read more

January 26


A simple, healthy and vegetarian  alternative to traditional chicken wings. Simply roast the cauliflower with SweetSpicy and your favorite hot sauce to create an appetizer that will fly off the plat Read more

January 9


This recipe is inspired by the minimalist salmon preparation from How to Cook Everything cookbook by Mark Bittman. We take his basic salmon preparation and integrate SweetSpicy. The cane sugar (only Read more

November 11

Stuffing for Turkey

If you can make Stovetop stuffing then making this fresh stuffing for your Thanksgiving table will be just as easy and infinitely more flavorful. If you are looking for a more hearty and meat filled o Read more
gravy boat

November 11

Thanksgiving Day Gravy

“Gravy” has so many delicious meanings.  In parts of New Jersey, Gravy is the tomato sauce that grandma makes with sunday dinner. On Thanksgiving, Gravy is a thickened reduction sauce usi Read more

November 10

Roasted Turkey

Don’t be afraid to tackle the main event, I know everybody is counting on you to not screw up the turkey. Follow these simple and well tested steps and you will be carving up a juicy bird  that Read more
SweetSpicy Shrimp Tacos

November 10

SweetSpicy Shrimp Tacos

With minimal effort and maximum delight, these SweetSpicy Shrimp tacos are weekly staple in the Convivial house. If you are watching the carbs substitute Romaine Lettuce for tortilla shells. Read more
Garlic Labneh

November 10

Garlic Labnah Dip

Garlic Labnah is a Middle Eastern cheese dish that is used as a spread or dip with fresh or toasted pita bread. We modified the traditional recipe to use greek yogurt, as a result we recommend refrige Read more
sizzle chickpeas

November 10

Sizzling Chickpeas

Forget potato chips this easy oven baked chickpea snack will be you new favorite convivial snack. For added heat sprinkle some Barker Red chili powder with the Sizzle. Read more

November 10

Sizzling Chimichurri

This super simple sauce is the perfect accompaniment to your grilled steak. Make a head of time to allow the flavors to infuse together. Also make extra and use the sauce on your eggs in the morning. Read more

November 10

Pink Grapefruit & Sumac Salad

The astringency of the grapefruit and fresh Sumac is more than balanced out by the sweetness of the basil and dressing. It works as a palate-awakening starter and is also nice served alongside fried f Read more

November 10

10 second classic chip dip

Sour cream and Savory Blend is all you ned to make this classic chip dip. Read more

November 10

Savory Roast Pork with Garlic

Roasted Pork at it most basic and most delicious. Adapted from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. Read more

November 10

Tomato and Clam Pasta

This quick and delicious tomato, clam  and Sizzle pasta dish can be made in less than 30 minutes. Read more

October 19


Simple make a bloody mary and rim the glass with SweetSpicy_Raw. Enjoy! Read more

June 8

Chicken and Tofu Kebabs.

Quick and Simple Kebabs. 5 minute prep time + 30 minute cook time = more time with your friends and family. Read more
Sizzle Tri Tip

May 27

The Sizzle Tri Tip

The Tri-Tip cut, which originated at Safeway in Santa Maria California, is best prepared on an fire grill with minimal seasoning that enhances the rich flavor of the beef.     Read more
Sizzle Chicken Soup

May 18

Sizzle Chicken Soup

Looking for a healthier alternative to the nasty “flavor” packs included your ramen soup? We love making a quick lunchtime soup with Convivial’s Sizzle & Savory blends along with Read more